Subscription fees for 2017

New Member: £285.00 (plus £10 deposit for access token)
Renewal: £130.00
Associate membership: £35.00
Replacement Access Token £10 (non-refundable)

Subscriptions for the next season become due on January the 1st. Please ensure that subscriptions are paid before the General Meeting, after which additional fees will be applied as follows :

1 month late for renewal incurs an additional    £30 fee
2 months late for renewal incurs an additional  £60 fee

If members wish to pay by 3 post dated cheques to help spread the financial burden this is acceptable. Cheques must be dated for January, February and March. Please return your access card/fob with your renewal form. A new one will be eturned to you with your membership. Failure to return your old access token will result in a delay in processing your membership and will incur the replacement access token fee of £10. All key fobs will be switched off January the 31st

Please send your membership form and associated documentation in the same size envelope your receive this letter in (C5) . Some members have been sending back larger envelopes with the incorrect postage on them. This means we have to pay the additional costs of postage, plus an administration fee and there is also considerable time and fuel wasted going back and forth to the post office.

NOTE - If application for renewal is not received by the General Meeting, membership will lapse, you will be deemed a non-member and your number allocated to a new member. Reinstatement will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee and will be considered as a New Membership and thus will incur the New Membership fee. Remember if you are thinking of not rejoining you can pay an associate fee to keep your membership active and allow you to rejoin the club when you next get a boat without paying a joining fee. This will also allow you to use the toilets and showers when at the beach .

Please remember to enter your occupation and email address on the membership form.


Download your application form for 2017

Full membership Form 2017

Associate membership Form 2017

Associate Windsurfer Application Form

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